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blue and white past

the selection process in a nutshell

    • the bid criteria packet will be available for download nlt 15 nov of each year (3 months prior to the current year b&w) on  
    • bids will be due to the selection panel 15 feb the following year (nlt than 1 month before the current b&w) for consideration for selection the following year submission  send bids to:.
  • bid packets will be collected and submitted to the panel for review 
  • at b&w, the announcement of the school selected takes place.  
  • the school selected will be required to update the formal plan of b&w- an outline of events and locations where these events will be held, and a listing of close, inexpensive, viable lodging options, to the panel by dec 15th for publishing on 
  • school provides an after action review and audit after the event has been executed
do you get paid from having amazon rsu stocks
    blue and white banner
the blue and white weekend event is not an official event of the nspraa or the nspa.  it is run completely by individual volunteers, not acting in an official capacity of the nspa or nspraa.  thus said, we as individuals in the family do recognize that
  • those individuals that attend the event, are members of our fraternity and sorority, 
  • the tradition of the event must continue
  • there needs to be a fair process for selection of the site for future years.
and in an effort to provide some structure and fairness to the selection of a host school for the event, the following selection process is put into place:  

     in order to select a host school to hold the event, a board will be formed for the specific purpose of dealing with issues related to the blue and white weekend, including reviewing all bids submitted, and selecting a future host.  the board will consist of the following entities:

  • members of the phbcu panel
    • as the history of the blue and white weekend arises from the traditionally and historically black colleges and universities (hbcu锟?euro;™s) it was recommended that in order to preserve the history of this event, as well as to address other cultural issues within the fraternity/family nationally, that we institutionalize and formalize a national pershing hbcu caucus (phbcuc) which will consist of the hbcu schools with active companies in the society.
    • in a joint meeting between nspa and nspraa on 10 apr 17, it was agreed that there is a need for this panel. 
    • the establishment of the national pershing historical black college and university caucus (phbcuc) with the purpose of addressing issues within the fraternity/sorority unique to the hbcu experience , was agreed upon in theory by the prg
    • the phbcuc will consist of the hbcu schools with active companies in the society
      • should additional companies be initiated or reborn at an hbcu, that school would be a member of the phbcuc as well.
      • companies are members, not individuals, and there is no membership fee or dues.  schools currently in the phbcuc are:
west virginia state university 
central state university 
marshon mayes tamika carter    
lincoln university 
st. augustine's college 
  ronzel coates   ronzel coates  aaron thomas    
alabama a&m university 
  jonathan bates     vacant    
south carolina state university 
 eric toney  eric toney    vacant    
north carolina a&t university 
virginia state university 
henry ajala    vacant  yamily nelson   alexis simmons
norfolk state university 
marshall bailey alan greene  jasmine perpignan  danae nicole cartwright
hampton university 
 vacant  vacant  vacant  vacant
southern unversity & a&m college 
tuskegee university 
aaron richardson    vacant  briunna robinson,   zaqueysha pierce
university of arkansas at pine bluff 
howard university 
jarett cunningham james mccoy vacant   vacant
morgan state university 
leon carter leo brownlee  vacant  vacant
fort valley state university 
   davon brunes    christopher gavin    
morehouse college 
julius gibbons mark ellison    
florida a&m university 
ruben perinon kevin knight jr. vacant   vacant
bethune-cookman university 
  asia johnson   vacant    
albany state university 
jackson state university 
alcorn state university 
grambling state university 
prairie view a & m university 
  • 1 p/r alumni from each hbcu that has an active undergrad company on the panel (this addresses the unofficial nature of the participation of the p/r side . . .not an official person selected by the nspraa).  this alumni has to be decided by the undergrads of that company, and failing a decision by the undergraduates (or if delegated by the cdr) by the alumni of that unit.

  • 1 p/a alumni advisor (or her designated representative) from each hbcu that has an active undergrad company (this addresses the unofficial nature of the participation of the p/a side).  

  • the hbcu panel tenure is for 1 year. new selections will take place each year in september 
  • the panel will receive its instructions after being selected for membership on the panel 
  • the review panel may meet in any combination of in person, video conference, conference call, but must meet together 

    • when looking for members for the review committee it is imperative that they be available during the timeframe of february-march in order to review bids, provide interaction with other members (phone/skype meetings) and discuss the various aspects of the bids before voting.  if a candidate is unavailable during this timeframe, another candidate should be selected by that organization. 
  • after the current b&w has been executed (may-aug) the panel is authorized to review the policies and proceedures associated with the selection process, and criteria to be used for evaluation of bids, and make revisions as necessary, for implementation the next year.  decisions will be decided by a simple majority vote of the panel.




contact the hbcu chair

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